Love and Pain

Hello Bloggers!

So guess what?! I am engaged! Woohooo! About time man. Let me tell you… after getting engaged I am extremely stressed. Now, I know why… because everyone around you bugs you about the wedding! Everyone keeps saying “oh you gotta do this… you gotta do that…” Oh my goodness… I’m going to be bald by the time my wedding is here. Anyways, I seriously can’t wait… I am going to be broke but oh well haha. Good thing I am crafty so I can probably make a lot of stuff like invitations and crap like that. Haha. Anything for Love…

Now… for pain… so this year I celebrated my birthday for almost a week, which I have never done before. First of all, I rarely go out and go out drinking. Secondly, I am a mother who rarely goes out with girlfriends so I had a lot of girls nights and omg I drank a lot. Well, I think I ruined something and did something… I’ve been in horrible pain, been bleeding for over two weeks… been in and out of work this week because of the pain/discomfort. So far, the tests I have done at the doctors are fine…. but now waiting for blood work results. I really wish they will see something because, well even though I don’t want anything wrong with me, it will make me feel like I am not crazy. Have you ever been to the doctors and you tell them how you feel and they basically don’t know what is wrong with you??? Well it has happened to me before and it pisses me off. So, I hope they see something so we can move forward and try to fix it… obviously I hope it’s nothing threatening. Anyways, I need a new body ahaha aahhhh.

Hope you all are doing well 🙂



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