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Happy Taco Tuesday!

Lol not saying it is an official day of eating tacos but it should be. Aaaaanywaays, I have been enjoying 2016 very much. However, I am becoming broke so I need to be staying home haha. I haven’t really done any art projects in a while so I decided to write a list of all the things I want to do. And I also have so many unfinished projects.

My mind is rolling in things I wanna do!
Make one comic book
Write a book
Draw more more and more
Become some kind of event planner
Make a music album
help build a home for a family
start some kind of women’s club
be a stay at home mom… ha!
get into more crafts
get into making cupcakes… and eating them

I have started some of these but really where do I start?!


So this week I have decided to try the comic book. I went to the comic store and when I was there I saw they were selling blank comics. So I bought one for fun and I am going to try. Just to say I did one. Like a bucket list thing. So far I already have the story. I have started writing it out yesterday and today I will continue. Gotta do this step by step. SO wish me luck!

I hope you are motivating yourself into doing something in this life besides going to work. Whatever you want, try it! Have a grand day!





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