Just Another Manic… Tuesday

Good Morning Everyone!

Tuesday morning and I think I am getting sick. SO! Any artists struggling with money? Hi me too! I’m trying to think of new ways to make money. Surprisingly been doing well with Redbubble. Still waiting on my pins so I can sell them in my Etsy store. I really hope they sell well because if they do then at least I know this custom pin thing really works. I have 3 sketches in the works and a million ideas in my head haha… so hard to deal with.

Let’s see another struggle, my wedding planning. So far I have been calm and patient with everything but damn! I have been getting so many nightmares about my wedding day. Nightmares about everything not going well. I hate it. Haha. I just want it to be fun that’s all. Which I am sure it will.

Been also trying to keep my sanity in my social life. Different people energies have been affecting me. I even deleted my Facebook app to eliminate some social activity. I truly believe therapy is very important. Everyone should have their own therapy whether it’s drawing, seeing an actual therapist, making music, …. well actually if you have a hobby that is great! That is your therapy. For all we know this is our one and only life and it is not long at all so we might as well enjoy it. Remember we work 75% of our lives so try and do something that you kind enjoy.

I have always believed there are 2 kinds of people in the working world. The ones that work to make a lot of money, or as much as they can, and the ones that just want to be comfortable and work a job hey enjoy but may not get paid as much, but enough!

For me, I could work in the city but I don’t and won’t. It will take away hours of family time just when it comes to commuting. And yea I could probably go on vacation maybe twice a year with a great city job, but I live in the now and I rather be closer to family.

I know family members that have a great job and they go on great vacation but most of the year when I see them they look tired and beat up hahaha from all the work. No thanks!

But anyways, I am off topic… well I didn’t really have a topic. Ha! Good day!





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