Negative 2 Cents

So a lot has been going on… Trump… riots… pipelines…

My Facebook Newsfeed is flooded with horrible unfortunate content. It makes me sad and upset to read all of it. However, these day’s I have become more and more annoyed. My reasons are my own, what I say is not a right or wrong situation. This is my response to everything that has been going on.

Just when I think I see friends settling after the election, I still see friends arguing and I am assuming some of these people may not talk to each other again. It annoys me so much because I feel like we are losing so much respect for each other. We have come to a point where I feel we can respect each others religion, where we can let go of things we disagree with. However, recently people have been so rude to each others opinion.

Yes, people are so passionate about their beliefs (talking beyond religion) and it’s great! But we all must be aware people do have different perspectives. People have different knowledge. I can easily look up why salt is good for you and also find reasons why they are bad. I know something little like that does not compare to the bigger things that are happening in this country but my point is the internet is flooded with perspectives and opinions and turned into right and wrong. Now yes, definitely things that are going on now, I do feel is wrong but that leads to another thing haha

I guess I will lead into that but to finish my point… it’s unfortunate we can’t seem to respect other peoples views and instantly both friends, OR family members, are ignorant. I luckily have a best friend that I can be totally honest with her. We disagree on things but I do elaborate how I understand her side BUT I also think “this.” And she respects me for my honesty and we can talk about these things without hating each other or getting mad or frustrated, then we order a shot and talk about boys ha!

Next, moving onto the terrible wrong things that are happening right now, I see everyone posting and sharing about it… and don’t get me wrong, it’s great to inform everyone of what is really going on… BUT when I see the same person posting their same point over and over AND aggressively, it’s like well wtf are you doing about it? Nothing. Just sitting on your ass using your free time to get annoyed and upset and sharing it with everyone. It annoys me so much. Look if I could do something about it to fix certain things I would, but I have a child to take care of. I can’t be going to progressive meetings. I need to make money I need to pay my bills and I need to keep myself healthy (which will be final point) If there is something legit I can sign that will help then I will. I am just so bothered by so many people and I get it. I am pretty sure everyone gets it. But post what you’re going to do about it. OR post some kind of brightness in the world. We all see what is happening. It’s so easy to turn into the negative part of life.

Which now leads me into my point of this particular blog named “Negative 2 cents.” I have commented on peoples posts about serious matters and I get nothing but attacked. It stresses me out and I don’t think it’s fair. I am bipolar as most people are haha and I got off my pills many years ago and try to understand myself and to deal with it on my own. I have made so much progress and so much progress in transitioning my negative mind thought into a hopeful one. And yes I am open minded and hopeful of our new president and I didn’t even vote for him. Things that are happening farther from my front door I have to kind of eliminate from thought because the world IS sad, it IS depressing and frustrating and just fucking annoying. If I go back to allowing these feelings, I personally will die. So I can’t. I am not giving my 2 cents anymore because it’s not worth it for me. I have my best friend and my fiance and they know me well enough to respect how I feel about certain things which they may or may not agree with. I get too much anxiety and I don’t need to be awake at 3 o’clock in the morning hurting or worrying about an earlier disagreement. I care too much what people think and how they respond and I HAVE to avoid these situation for MY health. Health is key and all this crap (not really saying its crap) is too much for me and I will not speak any further of it than this blog  post.

I don’t hate anyone and I wish I was in a position to help those that need help but I CHOOSE to use my time for other activities that make me happy. Like art, reading books, listening to music, playing with my kid. I’m doing me and I know I will be judged for it but I am just saying that it’s ok. I just hope I won’t have to talk about it haha.

Take care




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