Sad Showers

So all my life I have noticed I get really “sad” after a shower, or even a bath. I am not sure why and I tried looking it up to see if it’s a tested thing. Well I saw some people had posted about getting depressed after a shower but no one seems to know much about it.

The melancholy feeling tends to get worse if I jump out the shower and I am in my towel still wet and I walk out into darkness. It’s this very strange feeling…. almost like I feel alone and abandoned. Haha so strange. I was wondering if any of you readers have ever felt that.

I do have depression so  I don’t know if maybe showers or baths trigger something in the brain… IDK haha

Anyways, hope you guys are keeping sane for the holidays. I’m not! haha. If you haven’t checked it out yet, I have a custom lapel pin of my Elvira drawing. It’s on my homepage, click on New Elvira pin.

Have great days

Stay Awesome




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