Journey to Feel Sexy Again #1

It would be very cliche for me to say I haven’t been myself since I had my son. In a sense it’s true BUT I did get back to myself… and then lost it again.

I hate to be personal but I feel like I have to in case someone is in a situation like me. So let’s begin.

I’ll be honest, I don’t have sex like I used to. Im talking from few times a day to a good 5 times a week to a normal 3 days a week and now months apart. I’ve been with my fiance for 5 years and it’s so easy to think “Oh my gosh, is there something wrong with us? Are we falling out of love? Do I need something better?” But after still going out on little dates once in awhile I do realize that there’s nothing wrong with us, in a sense that we should end our journey, but more… we have become lazy.

It’s a common thing. We get comfortable. I stopped wearing the heels, I stopped wearing cute things and now all about comfortable clothes and not brushing my hair. And he’s fine with it. But I have started to believe this is damaging.

Now besides being lazy we have discussed, recently, other things we need to work on. For example, he is not romantic and I am not so much the affectionate type. But I did mention to him if he were to be somewhat romantic it can bring out affection in me. Compromise. Wonderful thing in a relationship. Understanding and compromise. So, since our talk, he has been doing different things that have been bringing back the giggles and now we are actually giving each other birdie kisses. Which is another thing we have lost… kissing. Forget about making out ha!

So for now we have been doing little things to make each other feel special but I also need to focus on me and my libido. I crave sex all the time but just not in the mood at the same time. ??? Make sense anyone? It’s so frustrating. At first I thought maybe I was losing attraction with my fiance but really, with deep deep thought, I realized I just do not feel sexy anymore. I’m 28 years old, and I feel like settling on being celibate hahaha. Oh my goodness it’s horrible!

So I decided to try to move to the path to sexiness again. Life has been stressful, after I had my son my hormones have gone nuts so I have broken out so yea from someone who had beautiful skin to now pimples galore can ruin someones ego. I have gotten flabby because I don’t work out. I wear sweats to bed, I don’t brush my hair, I wear makeup some days, I throw shit on haha I am literally a mess.

So earlier this week I looked up “How to feel sexy again?” There were a lot of reads and a lot of them actually had lists of things to do. So I emailed myself 3 links and yea I am sure they are silly but fug it, I’m going to try. The links I chose are below… If you do your own you can choose whatever sites you came up with on your own. I pretty much just chose the first 3 that came up.

No. 1

No. 2

No. 3

Today I am going to print them out and highlight ONLY the ones I feel like I can do THIS week. I am going to take this one week at time because let’s be realistic, too much drastic change in life can be stressful. And I am a working mother and I am already stressed so I do not need more. Would be neat if anyone follows this and tries themselves. We are powerful women and our inner goddess is what will make us great. We are the stronger sex and our sexual hunger IS inside and I believe that is what creates our moods, by not fulfilling our hunger.

Have a Great Monday! Will write again soon with progress.






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