Journey to Feel Sexy Again #2

I read over the different things to do to help someone feel sexy again. I highlighted the ones I think I can try and tackle this week alone. I don’t want to overwhelm myself with change so I just picked I few.

  1. Relaxing – a big one I must do. I need to take time to myself. I’m always thinking of what I need to do for people or for my house and I just need alone time. So I am going to try and give myself alone time at least an hour to read or draw. No technology. No social media of any sort. Unless I draw something then I might want to take a picture and post it.
  2.  Touching Yourself – I am not talking about handling our own business but simple touching. Like taking a bath and reminding myself of my beautiful womanly curves I have.
  3. Ditch the sweats – i really need to buy more womanly pajamas / comfort wear because looking like a bum is not sexy for me nor for my honey. So tonight or tomorrow I am going to go through my night wear and look into buying inexpensive women’s pajamas. Maybe even some lingerie…
  4. Exercise – Tomorrow I am going to start a morning exercise routine. Get up before the boys do and do my thang. It’s going to be hard but once I finish the workout I know I am going to feel great. Also no sense in waiting until Sunday or Monday to start a routine. You can start anytime. Let’s be strong minded! If us women can be stubborn during an argument we have enough strength to do something that is good for us.
  5. Breathing – I hoping once I start feeling comfortable with changes and especially after the holiday season I can get into Yoga or Meditation, but for now I need to take moments to breathe and reconnect. Unwinding is important. Working mamas or even just a working woman can get caught up in everything they need to do for others. If we want to avoid the bad moods we so love to show, we need to breathe.
  6. Turn off Phone – I like this idea. I started kinda doing this earlier in the year. I think I want to bring my partner into this one so we can interact more at home.
  7. Create a bathing Ritual – I may do this every other day only because I have been so stressed. It says once a week but I need this to get back into myself. Also this can lead into #2
  8. Unfollow People who Make You insecure – I have actually done this. I started doing that almost two years ago. It is very helpful! Maybe for you too! My old excuse to follow them was for motivation but after years of not even getting close to them it just made me depressed. All these models are not realistic in my everyday life so I have to be comfortable with me.
  9. Mani and Pedi  – Because of money I do not really go out and this kinda stuff but I do enjoy doing it myself and I have the foot soaker thingy so  can do this for myself. Maybe once a week.
  10. Work on Talents – I draw and I have been lacking. I have a list of ideas to do and I have started them and never finish. I need to make time for this.
  11. Play up your best features, it’s winter so I am not showing legs haha but I did put new makeup on this morning and put some eye shadow like I used to many years ago. I feel pretty 🙂

SO! I think I can tackle all this, this week. Not in one day! But let me see where this goes. Hope someone else is helping themselves like this. We love others and cater to others so quickly before us. Let’s love ourselves.





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