Journey to Feel Sexy Again #3

Hello Bloggers/Readers,

So, if you have read my previous blog post you know I gave myself a list of things I was going to try and tackle for the week. They were things I felt I could do to start my journey. I’m not going to sit here and lie and say I did everything. I honestly didn’t start til Sunday. I mean, let’s be real, life gets in the way sometimes when it comes to focusing on yourself. Yes, there were nights I did have free time but I chose to watch t.v. and relax or nap. I will blame the busy holidays. I was so tired.

Let’s do a run through of my list:

  1. Relaxing – I think my only time of relaxing were taking the time to nap haha
  2. Touching Yourself – Yea didn’t get to that lol
  3. Ditch the sweats – I actually did go through all my evening wear. I got rid of my nasty wear, like sweats, and decided to keep my tshirts because i love my tshirts and going to wear my older leggings as pajamas. I got a whole bunch of new ones for Christmas. The leggings will show off my ASSets to hopefully grab my mans attention, which it has, he’s been smacking the booty more 🙂 Remember girls, you don’t have to buy “sexy” stuff like lingerie to feel sexy. Be you. And that’s sexy.
  4. Exercise – Haven’t tackled that, may use that as a New Years resolution ha! i mean we’re almost there anyways!
  5. Breathing – I have been taking moments to breathe more. I feel like it has helped me be a little more humble the last week and has thicken my patience at home as a mother and partner. Something so natural and simple CAN go a long way.
  6. Turn off Phone – I have been avoiding more of my phone at home and it feels wonderful. Don’t consume yourself too much in that social media world. Ever seen Idiocracy?….
  7. Create a bathing ritual – Soon.
  8. Unfollow People Who make you insecure – DONE.
  9. Mani and Pedi – Before New Years Eve I will add that to my beauty regiment
  10. Work on Talents – Haven’t been drawing but I keep telling myself to get to it… maybe another New Years Resolution?
  11. Play up your best features – I have been putting make up on everyday. It has boosted up my confidence these days especially since my hormones are out of wack so I have been breaking out. I have been looking at those pimples every day in the mirror and just try not to beat myself up about it. Reminding myself that most people look more into your nature rather than physical appearance.

SO! Yes as I told my friend today “Basically focusing on my ‘breathing’ my own life’s meditation”

One day at a time. Not feeling sexy yet but I am feeling better. Little by little right?





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