Journey to Feel Sexy Again #4

Hello Fellow Readers,

Anyone making any progress? I am, little by little haha. It’s been a slow journey but I am taking my time. Doing it at my own pace. If you read my previous blog you already know some things I have tackled and they are still in affect. The following is about the things I didn’t really get into yet.

  1. Relaxing – Still doing it!
  2. Touching Yourself – Yes and it feels so good too! 😉 A little hard at first to get into it but it’s great in the end
  3. Exercise – haha nah… I keep telling myself I will
  4. Bathing ritual – I started last night, it feels so wonderful in a hot steaming bath. So relaxing and feeling and appreciating my curves. It’s a very personal womanly feeling. Like a certain type of therapy.
  5. Mani and Pedi – Maybe this weekend I will treat myself to it.
  6. Work on Talents – YES! Finally back to drawing. I finished one yesterday and I have another one today I will be working on.Here is what I worked on which is on my Instagram @safetycutprojects


It’s Koopa Troopa from Mario Bros. The Movie. I also have it on my RedBubble Shop if you want a tee, phone case, or whatever. Here’s the link:

Redbubble Shop

You will see other drawings I have done as well. So anyways, back to me. I am feeling good with the progress. Keeping it in humble nature and also getting some action finally. Getting a lot of compliments from my man which is interesting haha but feel amazing. Ego is growing but not sexy really yet… getting there! Have a wonderful day!




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