Journey to Feel Sexy Again #5

Good Morning Lovelies!

Today I feel… almost like a hundred bucks! I am feeling rather great these days. I’m still on this regular routine of putting on minimal makeup. Been drawing again. Been productive on wedding plans. Keeping the house rather tidy than usual. And NOW! I finally fuggin worked out this morning! Man oh man am I out of shape. I was never in the greatest shape or anything BUT I was really good at balance. Well, today showed me just how out of shape I am in. I could barely balance on one foot I was like damn!

Haha, anyways I am so happy I broke the seal and am finally working out. I just did a small workout. Nothing long or overwhelming. Since I am out of shape I know in the beginning I shouldn’t do anything that will send me to the hospital haha. 15-20 minutes is good for now. I plan on doing another workout when I get home.

Let’s see what else… oh! I gave myself a mani and pedi last night so I feel a tad fresh and more pretty. I soaked my feet in hot water and poured some stuff in it that made my feet so smooth. I don’t normally do manicures anymore like I used to because I hate the look of chipped nails, and cmon I am a mother who gives baths and washes dishes so I just put on a simple light sparkle shimmer nail polish and I pained my toes a dark blue.

I started reading a book as well! You can see it on my instagram

Click Here: Instagram

I also have started a kind of book club on facebook if any of you readers would like to join…

Click Here: Facebook Group

T read the first 4 chapters so far… The chapters are not long at all. I like it so far. Nothing great but you can tell it’s setting up the characters.

Before I end this blog let’s see how I am doing on my list…

  1. Relaxing – Think I am done understanding this. I have been giving myself time to relax all the time.
  2. Touching Yourself – Not as much as I was starting to. I think I am focusing so much into this routine so this may be a struggle and something I will write more about.
  3. Exercise – Yes I finally started.
  4. Bathing ritual – No ritual really but I am trying to do this once a week.
  5. Mani and Pedi – Finally did. LEt’s see if I can do this every two weeks.
  6. Work on Talents – Been doing so I think I am good here.

While I have started this Journey I have been feeling more and more prettier and also more accomplished in other things. I feel I have more of a focused energy which is great! Been finding myself to use my google calendar more to keep my head organized. Basically, I have been learning to write more stuff down rather than rely on my head to remember everything because THAT is what drives me crazy… Especially as a mother. Hope you guys have a lovely week!






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