I don’t like the gym…

So I am sure I am not the only one who doesn’t like going to the gym. I feel like I am the only out of shape person there. And I am not talking about size, I am talking about agility. People look at me and say oh you look great.. but nah I walk up the stairs and I am out of breath. It’s so embarrassing!

So I usually work out at home. I used to pay monthly to Barre3 website because I love their workouts. BUT Youtube has so much content why should I spend money I don’t really have?

If you have been following my blog posts about my “Journey to Feel Sexy Again,” then you know I barely started working out yesterday. I did another workout this morning and I was laughing because the instructor was so funny haha. I subscribed to POPsugar Fitness. There are so many types of different workouts. Check it out!

POPsugar Fitness

Anyways, hope you have a gorgeous day! My booty is burning haha so this makes my day glorious knowing I am doing some work!





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