Journey to Feel Sexy #6

Hello Darlings,

So, I am finally in this great natural routine to getting up and feeling good. My man smackin booty and flirting… I am feeling good about myself BUT I still don’t feel sexy! Like not even close? Am I too goofy at home? And if I ever feel in the mood, it’s usually when I am alone… sigh… this is really a struggle. SO I went back to my printed papers of the lists from those websites. If you have been following along, I posted the sites in #1 about tips of trying to feel sexy again. The past month I highlighted the ones I felt like I could tackle and I have finally reached the point of content. A natural routine, NOT a strict one! Nothing stressful.

So anyways, I went back to the list of stuff and this is what I will try now…:

  1. Embrace Yourself – I really do believe these days I am just disgusted by my body. This has lead me to believe this is my main struggle from feeling sexy. And it’s not like I am super obese or anything. I am far from but no one likes cellulite and a jiggly tummy. So according to this list I should embrace my body. So basically,  need to stand in front of a mirror bare ass naked and tell myself that all these little imperfections that get to me are fine the way they are. (Basically, shit is the way it is until you do something about it) You can see how thrilled I am about this one.
  2. Wear Something Sexy – Honestly I cannot remember the last time I wore something sexy… usually clothing makes me feel more fat. Cuz I refuse to buy bigger sizes haha. Omg, I used to take naked pictures of myself and love my body. And send them haha.
  3. Flirt – I am really good at this but haven’t done it in a while. It says “it’s as simple as making eye contact with people as you walk down the street. Maybe even give a little smile and ignite that twinkle in your eye.” It says this should ignite our mojo and even if you are married it’s ok because we all want to feel desired and that this type of innocent foreplay will make us feel sexy and empowered… hmmmm…
  4. Stop Competing – I don’t feel like I try to compete but I do find myself looking for the prettiest girl and putting myself down… I have no idea why I do that but I need to somehow stop that routine then maybe I will shine in the room one day.
  5. Pamper Yourself – I would love to go to a spa and even go clothes shopping. I realized I haven’t gone shopping in like at least 3 years. It’s sad 😦 AND I need to do these things without the kid haha
  6. Remember That Resolve, Determination and Spirit Are Sexy – I totally agree. Even my man compliments me when he notices a positive routine I have started… One thing I started recently was working out… for two days ugh! I know! I am horrible. I was so excited I thought this was it finally working out every day. It sucks becauseI rather watch Little Women Atlanta with a bag of Doritos… sigh…
  7. Throw away the model catalogs – I have already done this BUT I wanted to post this for people that may be interested in this journey. If you are not a model then stop comparing yourself to these unrealistic body ideals. Remember a lot of it is photoshoped. If you do come across them like in shows, like The Bachelor, and you see those girls in size 0 bikinis, just remember you are your own person and you are beautiful in your own way.
  8. Get Away – Do something spontaneous or go out with girls. It brightens up the spirit and makes you glow aka look good.
  9. Stop Worrying – this is a hard one for me. I always worry. First of all, I worry about everything haha. “When you focus on worry, the last thing on your mind is feeling sexy” says Louan Brizendine ( author of The Female Brain and The Male Brain). Pinpoint what bothers you, tackle it or put it away.
  10. Create a Kid Free Zone – Make a room that can help you easily focus on sensuality and not one thing to even make you remember you got a kid! haha
  11. Illuminate Your Nights – candlelight casts a warm glow and makes you feel cozy, and probably look better rather than under harsh light haha
  12. Invest in Chic Specs – I have no idea why this is on the list but I just put mine on while typing this and I feel like a sexy librarian. Haha Even if you get some cute one at cvs for reading. I feel my hair falling on one side… I feel kinda KINDA sexy. Relax not sexy yet hehe
  13. Slow Down – Sex coach Sean Jameson says “slowing down your movements and your speech by around 10% can make you sexier.” Walk down the hallway slower, speak slower… basically TAKE YO TIME BITCH! 🙂
  14. Use Touch – So I think it was last year I had a customer, female customer, and I was helping her with some pictures and every once in a while while she spoke to me she’d rub my back…. ok ok it was fucking weird but… it left a weird feeling… liek I felt like she wanted me hahaha Now, this particular point is about us (you. me) giving light touches when saying hi or bye or when someone is being funny… I was never the touchy type… only when I want to get with a guy but overall, never. But lemme see what I can do… People might view me sexy maybe too???
  15. Wear High heels – HA! ok

Ok ok so I got a lot of shit to do haha. AND there is still more on these lists… these are just a bunch I will try to tackle the next month. We shall see how it goes… write later!





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