Bates Motel Ruined My Life


Hello fellow followers, bloggers, peoples, readers… whoever.

So in less than a week I watched Bates Motel from beginning to end (up to date I mean), and oh… my… goodness… I feel like I personally lost someone I knew. Yes, I cried when I finished watching it. Like that’s the way she died?! Really?! My wooord! No chance for Romero to fix anything AND she was happy. However, I didn’t just cry because she died, i cried because the whole freaking story is just so sad. Such a loving mental abusive situation. Their love is so strong and genuine yet toxic. And between a mother and a son?! Aaahh…

Watching her die gave me flashbacks of her “fake” life haha; Since this is a TV series, obviously not real. Some flashbacks were of her getting raped by her husband and Norman under the bed holding his moms hand oh my gosh so sad! That scene alone let’s you know they went through very tough times. Other flashbacks were just snippets of her crying over Norman and cuddling with him.

The poor mom went through so much even in her own childhood with getting raped by her brother but also admitting later they did had a, what you would call inappropriate relationship, but all they had was each other. Like poor fucking woman! Ugh then having Norman and what they went through with his father?! All they had was each other. Which is ironic, maybe not, but her relationship with Norman was almost a reflection of what she had with her brother. ALMOST in very similar ways. That loving possessiveness. And it was back and forth with them until it finally just consumed Norman. Wow, and then she just dies… which is even sadder because she died in happiness, kinda. Well he put her to sleep in a fairly chipper hopeful mood.

AND THEN when he has his own flashback of her when I guess they were playing hide and seek and he didn’t want her to leave him… oh my goodness. OK ok honestly I think this show hit me hard because  I am an emotional wreck haha and I have a son that I dearly love to death because he’s my little savior.  SO even the thought of his own sadness towards me (or is it for me? ) makes me sad. Also because I have always had in interest in Psychology but could never do it because hello! I’m a mess! I love trying to get into the minds of other people in my own life and try to understand them so I was doing that with this show too.

And lastly, that moment he realized his mom really is dead and that it’s not a plan of hers, oh my fucking eyes hahaha. Tears! He loves her tooooo much. And once again he would have ended his life but no, a little demon trigger in his head brought her back to life. Ah! I had nightmares of my own mother that night. I’ve had a hard time coping. LMAO!

So yea this is what happens when you binge watch a fucking great show. You get attached! Good job to these writers man and the actors AND cinematography.



Happy Valentines

Vanessa, my rant is over haha.



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