Are you glued to social media? If not, are you glued to the television? Well, I feel like a lot of us do not like to admit we are but… WE ARE.

I was eating dinner with my family the other night and I was staring at my son on the ipod looking at Pokemon stuff WHILE he eats. I remember, when I was younger, just sitting there bored with no entertainment and my grandma even got mad at me for singing one time haha. Anyways, my dad was telling me when he was younger he remembers, for fun, his mom would put him in this large sink and fill it up with water and that would be his fun. His little pool. My fiance, who is 10 years younger than my dad, also mentioned he remembers his Aunts putting him in a bucket near a faucet so he could play with water. Haha so minimal right?! Oh my goodness my son would die of boredom.

So, it got me thinking about how spoiled we are. I mean, I overall know we are spoiled Americans, so don’t think I am naive about this haha. ANYWAYS, I was talking shit out of my mouth and saying stuff that I kind of wish something big would happen where we would be forced to do things without depending on technology. So my fiance and I decided, to start!, to try it on Thursday nights at 8pm. I mean we have to be realistic, there are things we are doing around the house on the computer, especially since it is our occupation to use a computer.

Haha I actually posted on Facebook announcing we were going to have our phones off at 8 so if anyone wanted to gossip or tell us something to do it before. Some people, I think, thought we were having adult time but no definitely not the case. We actually didn’t have sex at all. Haha sex?! What is that?! That’s another blog, another time. This was purely a test of social interaction at home with no technological entertainment. I must say it was amazing. I felt so free. We both agreed that it sort of felt like a level of meditation because our minds felt so free and open, and trust me I had stuff to think about. We didn’t even play background music which is almost unheard of for me haha. I felt so relaxed and we actually got some stuff done that we have been meaning to do for months! We used candles however, we did use our two little dim tabletop lamps in the living room because realistically we could not see haha. But if we had to go to the kitchen or bathroom we took a candle with us. It was fun haha. My son enjoyed it and I was shocked but he opened up to us about some of his feelings so it was an adorable moment.

So my son went to bed, and my fiance and I just talked and he started looking at books he has had forever and I was doing paperwork for work, something I should have done early last month. It all felt good. We laid in bed, I had tea and yea just laid there. Mind you, I have been so freaking stressed since the year started so honestly laying there drinking tea and having Korean snacks was all I needed for relaxation. I am not going to lie, I think maybe two times I had a quick thought of checking my phone. I don’t know for what but like… just to look at it haha. Can’t wait for next Thursday.

SO it wasn’t an extreme primitive lifestyle but we tried to be minimal. Actually, we know it wasn’t really primitive at all but it was close as we can get to try for the first time hahaha! I strongly recommend anyone with anxiety or just been stressed lately to try it. I’m not an expert but I actually had a good nights rest and I naturally do not sleep well. Just something I noticed 🙂

I encourage you to detach yourself from the world and do you. No music, no phone, no tv, just natural brain waves and natural energy. Try it, and if you get bored… maybe there’s something wrong with you hahaha just saying. I think it’s a great way to reflect on yourself. Anyways, I’m done. Happy Green Beer Day.

V. xoxoxooo



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