So, recently there have been so many stressful/emotional situations for so many people I know, myself included. Boyfriend issues, friend issues, family issues. It makes me sad because I really wish I could take the pain away for these people.
I think I wish I could give them my mindset to help ease the pain a bit, but I can only be an ear and give my advice. I would be there, sitting in my sadness or even faking it so hard that it ends up biting me in the ass later. Life is fucking tough man. The “feels,” as everyone calls it now. I get it.
I feel like a lot of people are so quick to quit, and I used to be one too trust me I am not perfect. I feel like maybe the last 2 years I have transformed myself into the person I love to be. Which is still imperfect but I can live with myself now. I  do feel like I try to make a lot of efforts now, if I feel it is something worth it. Not overwhelming efforts but efforts. Communication is so important. Assumptions can be your worst enemy. I feel like communication can help so much with unclear thoughts and actions. Also, it’s best to communicate because even though yes we have the right to be selfish in ourselves and thoughts, we should be considerate of others. Not always, it obviously depends on the situation but we must look at all directions in a situation, not just ours. If we are always stuck in our direction, patterns will happen and you will never be happy.
If any of you are in a situation with a friend, loved one, co worker, I strongly suggest to sit back, like literally sit back. AND mind you, I only suggest this if you want to make things work. If you don’t then so be it, move on, be on your merry way. Now think of what happened. Why do you think that person acted that way, why do you think you feel that way? Was it intentional or a reaction to something? Was it really that bad? And if it was, did you guys really talk it out? Was it the right time to talk it out? You want to choose times and moments where you know you won’t be impulsive. And if you did talk it out, were you really listening and trying to understand their side? Communicating and TRYING to understand is a huge start… I notice from a lot of people I know, don’t do this. You should. I feel actually more humble these days ever since I tried to be this way. Less things get to you.
I hope whatever any of you guys are going through, can get through it. And I hope you don’t feel alone… if you do, I hope and pray you will realize there is someone to turn to or I will just pray that someone comes your way. I say this to someone personal and to some of you that I have recently spoken to and seem to be going through similar situations. (Something is definitely in the air).
Stay strong and not too stubborn.
Keep a healthy, mind and heart.
I wish you well.


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