About SafetyCut


I  like to think of myself as an open-minded artist. My mind is all over the place and if you follow me you will definitely see all the different things I am into. Oh “Hello, my name is Vanessa.”

So how did the name SafetyCut some into play? I will keep it short and personal as possible… well let me try…
I was a troubled girl who cut myself to actually “feel” my unknown feelings. Time passed and after understanding the imbalance, I decided to get off the pills and focus on myself. I write, I draw, I do many projects. Projects were what kept my mind from focusing on my dark wonderland I had lingering in my mind.
I started getting into more art and imagined my own Multimedia Design company. SafetyCut Projects came into mind. Projects, I assume you know why and SafetyCut (Safety from safety pins, which I used a lot to cut myself with) and cut… well.. to cut!  So there you go! I’m a very open and personal person so please even if you want to chit chat, email me.
Now up to date, I have been focusing on raising my son and doing creative art. Right now I am drawing on used skateboards. So I am excited about this new Project!
Vanessa ❤
 Any question or comments fill out below…